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Guapamacataro Residency

Ceramic Leaves (2021) and Paper Leaves (2021)

Guapmacataro Centre for Art & Ecology, Michoacan, Mexico

11th - 31st January 2021

While in residence at Guapamacataro, I wanted to create work of the place, that was intrinsically linked to the land while also being ecologically focused. From this came ceramic leaves made using clay local to the Tlalpujahua ceramic studio and paper leaves made from scrap paper. The leaves used to imprint patterns came from the residency grounds, while the materials used link to natural matter - earth and organic (see left).

During my time there, I also processed clay found directly on the residency grounds with Anna Garrett, another artist in residence (see bottom left). This clay was then used in a Clay Meditation led by myself, as well as a workshop with local children at the end of the residency.

 I used this time to also work on my 'Nature & Wellbeing' project, creating mandala-esque watercolour paintings and creating functional ceramics (see below right).

Clay Processing Shots

Nature Mandalas (2021) and Tlalpujahua Ceramics Collection (2021)

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