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Emily Seville is a Manchester based visual artist and maker working predominantly in ceramics and watercolour painting. Her work is concerned with our relationship and connection to the natural world, focusing on our intrinsic link to the land and the mark we are making upon it. Through her work she aims to envision a more harmonious and balanced relationship with the natural world. She tries to maintain an ecologically focused practice through the materials she uses, examining them from a sustainability perspective, while exploring the benefits and positive impacts nature can have on our mental and physical wellbeing. 

Within this, she has created site-specific work that incorporates ideas of the place, and has explored rooting site in her work during her time at the following residencies, Rucka Residency in Latvia and Guapamacataro Centre for Art and Ecology. On a more personal and local scale Emily has been creating work focusing on her Granny’s garden, drawing from her grandmother’s plant knowledge and her emotional connection to the place to create personal pieces that connect both to the garden and their relationship.

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