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Emily Seville is a Manchester based visual artist and meditation practitioner integrating clay, painting and spirituality, with a focus on nature and wellbeing.

Her work is concerned with our relationship and connection to the natural world, focusing on our intrinsic link to the land and emotional ties to place. Through her work, she aims to envision a more harmonious and balanced relationship with the natural world by developing a more sustainable arts practice while exploring the positive impacts nature has on our wellbeing. Her work combines personal connections to nature and place with ecological issues, aiming to encourage a thoughtful perspective on how we can further connect to the natural world around us.

Connection to her material is key to her practice and she employs a slow, meditative approach to making using coil-building and slab shaping techniques to create a reflective process. She often incorporates the use of organic matter in her making process, using leaves to create pattern and texture, which she then hand-paints with glaze. She finds this detailed, time-consuming process further connects her to her subject matter, allowing her to fully experience the beauty and structure of the leaves she collects.

Current themes in her practice explore a ritualistic approach to relationships with nature. Recognising the importance of ancient nature ceremonies to contemporary discourse on ecological issues as a way to return and re-examine our relationship with nature. An intimate relationship encompassing ideas of oneness and of nature being sacred. 

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