13th March

Edinburgh College of Art

(Re)Merge (2020) was a collaborative exhibition between myself and Emily Wenman displaying both painting and sculpture, held within Edinburgh College of Art. The exhibition explored themes of nature, pattern and symbolism. The work displayed by myself explored the blurring of the geological and organic, using pattern to articulate growth and the overwhelming aspect of the natural world, while the work displayed by Emily Wenman drew parallels between botanical forms and the human body.

The exhibition was co-curated by both exhibitors.

For Emily Wenman's work: www.emilywenman.com

(Re)Merge edit 1.jpg

Own work: Terra Form (2020), ink, enamel and gloss on clay, ink on fabric and ink on paper

Emily Wenman's work: Everything in it’s Right Place (2020), oil on canvas, Ocean Flowers (2020), monoprints, Cool Your Jets (2020), oil and collage on card

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